Why should I send my unwanted gold & platinum jewellery to Kaug Refinery?
Dealing direct with the refinery will ensure you get the best possible price for your old jewellery. We’ve been recovering and refining precious metals for the last 30 years and are fully licensed with Birmingham City Council and the Environment Agency, so you can rest assured your jewellery is safe & secure.

What price do you pay for scrap gold/platinum?
Our website contains prices and a scrap gold/platinum calculator using rates based on the current gold price (known as the ‘Gold Fix’), which will enable you to estimate the likely value of your jewellery.  Ultimately the price we will actually pay you will depend on our analysis of the precious metal content of your jewellery, and the gold price on the day we receive it.

We will contact you either by phone or email, on the same day we receive your jewellery, with a final valuation which we guarantee until 9.00am the following morning.  Should you for any reason decide at this stage not to proceed with the sale, we will return your jewellery to you the next working day, postage paid & fully insured.

How do I send my unwanted jewellery?
Complete our Sales Pack Request Form and we will send you an insured, postage paid envelope and returns form. Post your unwanted jewellery to us from any post office…this is free of charge and insured up to a maximum of £500.00 (you may also purchase additional insurance at the point of postage, if required). Please note that we operate a postal only service do not accept personal callers.

Do I need to weigh my jewellery?
If you have access to scales, please add your estimated weights to the Sales Pack Request Form. However, all items received are weighed on precision scales to an accuracy of 0.1g upon receipt.

Can I send jewellery with different carat ratings?
Yes, we analyse and sort your jewellery on receipt.

Does the jewellery have to be hallmarked?
We are happy to accept jewellery with or without a hallmark. All jewellery is tested on receipt to accurately determine precious metal content.

How do I know when my jewellery has been delivered?
You can track your parcel on The Royal Mail Website using the tracking number on the receipt given to you at the time of posting…just click on the link at the bottom of the page.

What happens when you receive my jewellery?
Your jewellery is accurately weighed and tested to determine precious metal content and the value determined based on that day’s fixes. You will receive notification of our offer via email/telephone.

When will I receive payment?
Payment will be sent to you via your preferred method (either cheque of BACS) the same day you approve our offer.

What if I change my mind?
No problem, if you decide not to sell your jewellery, we will return your items to you via Royal Mail Special Delivery…unlike our competitors, we will pay the postage & there are no hidden ‘valuation’ or ‘administration’ fees.

What if my jewellery contains precious or semi-precious stones?
We are refiners of gold & platinum and don’t purchase precious or semi precious stones. Whilst we are happy to process jewellery still containing stones, we are unable to return them or make any payment. Any stones you wish to keep should be removed prior to posting your jewellery to us.

What if my jewellery contains non-precious metal items?
Items submitted that do not contain precious metal will not be returned unless you have ticked the appropriate box on the Returns Form. Should you require us to return such items, we will charge £6.50 to cover the cost of packing & postage. This will either be deducted from any payment made, or will need to be paid in advance of your goods being returned.